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  • Gold Certified

  • Fill & Pack

  • Cool & Warp

  • Full Report

Thermal Tooling Simulation:

  • Platens

  • Tools / Molds

  • Tool Inserts

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Printing Capabilities:

  • Metal Parts

  • Metal Inserts

  • Conformal Cooling Inserts

Design & Supply:

  • isThermaL Heat Pipes

Why isThermaL

For over 17 years isThermaL's team has delivered end-to-end solutions for some of the most challenging and complex thermal tooling projects throughout North America, and the world, while focusing on client relationships, technology enhancements, time management, and the highest degree of product and service quality.


isThermaL provides thermal tooling services and products to almost every type of industry, from automotive, aerospace, oil and gas, and agricultural, to space, and pharmaceutical.

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