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isThermaL - Heat Pipes For Tooling (imperial)


isThermaL - The most advanced heat pipe, designed and engineered for plastics, rubber, and composite type applications.  


Thermal Style - Ideal for both heating and cooling type tooling applications.

Wick Type - Copper Mesh

Maximum Temperature - 500°F (260°C)

Lowest Temperature - -94°F(-70°C)

Shelf LIfe - 10+ Years

Length Cut Tolerance - 0.060"(1.52mm)

Typically Ships In: 10 Business Days

isThermaL - Heat Pipes For Tooling (imperial)

SKU: ThermaLROD[ODXLength]
  • This product can not be modified after purchase. 

    It has a length cut tolerance of 0.060"(1.52mm).

    The outer surface of this product is  half hard tempered copper.  

    The inner wall wick structure is copper mesh.

    One end has brazed (silver solder) copper female thread to remove it from a blind hole.  The other end is has a brazed (silver solder) copper cap that is back filled with 597°F (313°C) Lead/Tin solder.  This solder will become distorted if this product has been overheated. 

    Typical modes of failure are physical damage, and overheating past the maximum temperature limit of 500°F(260°C).

    This product is an orientation based product.  Check out information on how to apply this product

    This product can not be modified after purchase.

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