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isThermaL Heat Pipes

What are they

During our Moldflow and thermal simulation analysis isThermaL evaulates if heat pipes will lower cycle time and be of value for your applications.  Heat pipes, are copper tubes, sealed at each end, charged with water (typically) and placed under vacuum.  They move heat 250X faster than copper.

They are utilized in plastic tooling, rubber tooling, packaging and sealing, and composite tooling applications to heat, cool, and create thermal uniformity.

What do they do

The heat pipe can both heat and cool depending on your requirement.  The power of the heat pipe is it will automatically sense if you require heating or cooling in your application and adjust accordingly.

What temperature ranges are they good to?

Ideal temperature ranges for this product are 50F(10°C) to 500F(260°C).  Don't fret if your application is lower than 50F as this product can be manufactured for low range temperatures of -103F(-75°C)

How are they installed?

Heat pipes are typically slip fit into the application. (thermal paste is recommended)


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